Career guidance

The event was held in an interactive format with presentations from students, who professionally shared their knowledge and vision of the future in their chosen fields of study. 📚

Valentine’s Day💘

Dear students, in connection with Valentine’s Day (the day of all lovers), boxes for valentines have been set up in Building A and Building C (recreation room). You can leave your cards with wishes in these boxes 💙


The State Agency of Intellectual Property and Innovations of Kyrgyzstan conducted guest lectures for students of the State Technical College MUCA on the topics of “Intellectual Property, Patenting of Industrial Designs, Copyright.”


On December 13, 2023, as part of the celebration of the 95th anniversary of the distinguished Kyrgyz national writer Chinghiz Aitmatov, second-year students invited everyone interested to captivating stage performances. The event took place in Classroom 17 of the college. The program featured exciting scenes dedicated to the creativity and legacy of the great writer.

Sustainable Practices Training

Students from the 3rd year of the “Tourism” program at GTK MUCA participated in a sustainable tourism practices training as part of the “GREEN TOUR Kyrgyzstan” project. Trainer Vladimir Shiryayev addressed child protection in tourism, emphasizing compliance with international and national laws. Students actively discussed topics such as child labor using brainstorming and case study


On November 23, within the walls of our college, a warm and cheerful Thanksgiving Day took place. Students, teachers, and staff gathered together to celebrate this important holiday and create an atmosphere of mutual gratitude. We hope that this day will be memorable for all participants and will serve as a source of inspiration and

The OP Tourism students organized a launch of kites among schoolchildren as part of the JICA project in the Chuyskaya Region.

On November 19, 2023, tourism students, in collaboration with schoolchildren, organized an exciting event – a kite-flying activity. This event is part of the ‘Project for Regional Development and Tourism Promotion through the Use of World Heritage Sites in the Chuyskaya Region’ (JICA), aimed at promoting tourism development in the region. 🎈🌍


The Student Party “Halloween” Impressed Everyone! 🎉 Yesterday, an exciting themed party dedicated to Halloween took place! Students created a unique atmosphere of fun, filling the space with games, contests, and captivating thematic costumes. 🧙‍♂️👹 Within the event, there were engaging games, contests among participants, and a stylish photo zone was organized for creating vibrant


Our students from the Translation Department of the Humanitarian and Technical College had a great time playing frisbee! They learned about its history from the captain of the Tokmok team, Artem Petrov. After warming up, they demonstrated their skills and teamwork on the field. It was a fantastic day of fun and camaraderie!


On October 16th, students from our college, as well as the Class of 2023 majoring in Translation Studies, participated in a local English spelling bee competition in the city of Kant. As a result, a graduate from our college secured the 3rd place in the competition.


Tom Thoen, an engineer and robotics instructor, shared his amazing experiences and success stories of his students today. Tom spoke about his life, travels, and how he inspired and assisted many in achieving their goals. 💡 It was a truly motivating lecture, filled with inspiration and a belief in one’s abilities. We are delighted that

Our college students participated in the educational exhibition of the International Network Institute in the field of Pod/FT.

On October 25, our students took part in an educational exhibition held at the premises of the Kyrgyz National University named after J. Balasagyn.

30th Anniversary of IUK

In honor of the 30th anniversary of IUK, a scientific forum on the topic of “Science, Education, and Youth in the Context of Sustainable Development” was held. Students from the “Legal Studies” program in groups law-121 and law-122 gave presentations, and certificates were awarded to them. The best-performing students were presented with 1st, 2nd, and

Football Tournament

On October 8, a student football tournament took place, and the winners were:Talantbekov Azimbek (Law, Class of 2022)Zarylbekov Adis (Information Technology, Class of 2022)Kydyrgychov Arsen (Information Technology, Class of 2022)Nurzhanov Chyngyz (Information Technology, Class of 2022)Melisbekov Nurlan (Information Technology, Class of 2022)Karimov Alim (Technology and Information Systems, Class of 2021)Cholponkulov Eldar (Law, Class of 2023)

Kyrgyz Language Day

On September 23, the day when the law on the state language of the Kyrgyz SSR was adopted, college students took the holiday very seriously and diligently. National games and dances were held.

The history of the ancient settlement of Suyab

On October 23, 2023, students from the Tourism program at Gorno-Altaisk State University organized a workshop on creating kites for students of the Akbeshim rural school. As part of the workshop, the students presented the history of the ancient Suyab settlement and discussed the importance of preserving historical landmarks. The event was organized by A.G.

Excursion for students

The HTC management together with the Japanese organization JICA within the framework of the project “Regional Development and Promotion of Tourism through the Use of World Heritage Sites in Chui Oblast” organized an excursion for students. During the tour, college teachers Islamova A.G. and Neevina E.A. told students about the settlement and the history of

Scientific conference for World Chinese Language Day

Interuniversity student scientific conference dedicated to the World Chinese Language Day with the theme: “China and Chinese language in the modern multicultural world”, under the motto: “Progress at every step! Our American and Chinese guests and jury members were pleased with the level of the whole conference and the results of the Chinese language competition.

Participation in a tourism development project

On 2 of May Islamova A.G., Head of OP Tourism of HTC took part in a meeting of the working group on the project “Regional development and promotion of tourism through the use of World Heritage Sites in the Chui Oblast”. During the meeting, the above-mentioned project was approved and the potential for tourism and


On 29th of April IT students took part in the Kyrgyz Information Technology Forum. At the forum students got acquainted with the practical experience of those who are already successfully implementing these trends in life. They took part in fascinating master classes and the exhibition of IT solutions, because they will help unlock the potential

Landscaping works

On April 27, 2023, landscaping work took place at the college. Students and faculty members planted flowers in the flowerbeds around the college campus. The director of HTC (Valery Vasilievich Storozhevykh) and president of IUCA (John Rosslyn Clark) did not stay away by planting trees at the main gate. This event united our students, faculty,

Children in Science

On April 12 there was an international forum in the project “Children in Science”, which was attended by 1st and 2nd year students of the IT major

Scientific and practical conference

On March 28, 2023, second- and third-year students of the preschool education program participated in the scientific and practical student conference on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Tokmok Industrial and Pedagogical School. Third-year students Huhurova Naima, Dilara Dzhekshenova and Guljan Sirojidinova won first place for the nomination “Improving motivation in the classroom”, Mariam

Presenting “Dean’s List”

The solemn ceremony of presenting the honorary award “Deans List” was held on 15th March. This distinction is awarded to students whose average score was above 3.5! We sincerely congratulate all students for their hard work and great academic achievements!

Mathematical KVN

On March 10, 2023, a “Mathematical KVN” was held by mathematics teacher Dubovik N. T. for first-year students of “TIS” and “IT”. At this event, according to all the rules of KVN, students prepared a musical number for the opening, a great greeting, warm-up, monologue captains, skits and each of the students showed their creativity

English Talking Club

Our friend from Spain, Carlos, conduct English Talking Club for college students! This week the topic is ikigai. Ikigai is Japanese philosophy that helps people to find their path in life. The word “gai” meaning “it’s worth doing it.” Gai is the key to finding your purpose, or value in life. The best way to

International Mother Language Day

  “Whatever you say, the native language will always remain native.” Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy. UNESCO encourages and promotes multilingual education based on mother tongue or first language. Therefore, International Mother Language Day has been officially celebrated on February 21 since 2000. The date was chosen to commemorate an event on February 21, 1952, when students

Ak kalpak day

  March 5. The spring. Therefore, we sincerely congratulate you on the Ak Kalpak Day dedicated to the Kyrgyz national headdress. “If you see the light in the sky – know that it is a star, if you see a person wearing a white kalpak – know that he is Kyrgyz”, Chingiz Aitmatov wrote, in

National scientific-practical youth symposium

On December 23, 2022, Asanalieva Zhanara, a third-year student of the “Preschool Education” program, participated in a national scientific-practical youth symposium. The theme of the symposium was “The role of youth in the development of society in the Kyrgyz Republic” within the framework of the concept of “Kyrgyz Zharany”.

Lecture from the developers of LSI

On February 10, 2023, a lecture was held for students of IT on “What you need to learn to get a job” from the developers of LSI (Luke Services International). The lecture was held in the form of an interactive dialogue. For our students the information provided was informative. A lot of modern and in-demand