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about the department

The 21st century is the age of  information and communication technology and we are part of it. The Programme "Software of computer technology and automated systems" is intended for the preparation of highly qualified software engineers for research, design, engineering and organizational and managerial activities in the creation and operation of software.

The training of specialists is focused on such areas of application as design, development and maintenance of databases, intelligent software systems, web design, multimedia technologies and software systems for various applications

Program goals

1. Formation in graduates of such personal qualities as purposefulness, ability to work, organization, diligence, sociability, tolerance, responsibility, ensuring their professional qualifications.
2. Formation of graduates' professional skills in the field of humanitarian, social, economic, natural and mathematical sciences, allowing them to work successfully, possess universal and professional competencies that contribute to their social mobility and demand in the labor market.

program mission

The mission of specialty 230109 “Software for computer technology and automated systems” is the training of a specialist in secondary vocational education who is ready to work independently, has technical knowledge and skills (programming, system administration, database development, web design, modification and tuning of software) , the ability to work in a team, knowledge of the English language, which will allow him to work in different organizations and adapt to specific tasks in their professional grow.

learning outcomes

1. A graduate improves and develops his intellectual and general cultural level, using knowledge of the general humanities and special sciences, adhering to a healthy lifestyle.
2. The graduate searches, processes and analyzes information in Russian, Kyrgyz and English, communicates and works effectively in a team when performing professional tasks.
3. The graduate explains the principles of building computers, computer architecture, the principles of building computer networks and operating systems.
4. The graduate uses in practice the appropriate digital tools, mathematical methods, the theory of algorithms in solving professional problems.
5. The graduate applies the main methods and technologies of structural, modular, object-oriented and visual programming in solving professional problems using modern programming languages.
6. The graduate applies the basic methods of software protection of information, debugging and testing of a software product.
7. The graduate uses the basic design methods and technologies, analyzes business processes using modern management methods, designs software tools, automated systems and databases.


Rumyantseva О. V.
Head of Program
Introduction to the specialty, TSI, the fundamentals of AIS construction, computer network software, operating systems.
Veis P. L.
A faculty member
Computer Mathematics, Introduction to Web Technologies, Mathematical Modeling Methods.
Osipova N. N.
A faculty member
Computer Science, Algorithms and Data structure
Witt R.G.
Computer architecture and computer systems, Computer graphics, Introduction to programming (Python)
Tyunina V. N.
A faculty member
Mathematics, Mathematical analysis, Prof. mathematics, probability theory and MS
Tarasov I.S.
A faculty member
Computer networks, Information security
Akieva А.Т.
A faculty member
Computer science
Kurbanova L.R.
A faculty member
Computer science
Sagynbaeva А.М.
A faculty member
Tolebaev А.М.
A faculty member
Physics, astronomy
Turukbaeva R.N.
A faculty member
Physics, astronomy